Hours of Operation:
Wed – Fri: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm [Open to Vendors only]
Sat – Sun: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm [Open to the Public]

Tel: (352) 796-0268

The Hernando Airport Farmers and Flea Market is located at 17375 Spring Hill Drive in Brooksville.

Nick DelCorso

Nick DelCorso, right

Owned by Nick DelCorso, brother Vincent DelCorso and their childhood neighbor, Andy Orfitelli, the Farmers’ and Flea Market Sprawls on 19 acres of land, with 400 under roof market slots and plenty of outdoor area for plant nurseries to set up, surrounded by lush forest, protected by a 12 foot chain link fence, this is one heck of a market.

One of the best and most complete Farmers and Flea Markets I’ve seen, there’s more than one thing of interest for anyone who comes here, and something for everyone.

As you’d expect in Florida, The Airport Farmers and Flea Market is made up of plenty of native Floridians with roots reaching back to before the War between the states. Some will be selling wrought iron and genuine antiques, produce, hand crafted items, and many are loaded with old Florida cracker lore – They’re full of the kind of Americana that’s growing all too rare these days. But you’ll also find people from everywhere else who came to Hernando to live or retire, or just move down a while to help an ailing parent before moving away again. The Flea Market is a bustling place full of interesting people from all walks of life and from all sorts of places – from Chicago to Milwaukee, Pennsylvania and Texas, the Airport Flea Market in Hernando is a cross section of almost everyone in America.

Debi Farrell of A Stitch in Time

Debi Farrell, owner of A Stitch in Time

Debi Farrel of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Debi speaks French as her second language) is just one example of the many fine people present weekly at the market. She has booth B-91 and is selling custom embroidered items, from the whimsical to the useful for men, women, pets and infants. The day I visited and took these pictures (Oct 6th, 2013) was the one year celebration of the re-opening of the Farmer’s Market, and everyone was bringing food over to the event area. I did manage to get in a few shots though of the kinds of things at the Farmers and Flea Market.

Debi Farrell is also at the Flea Market on Rt 19 but loves them both saying that the Airport Flea Market has special qualities that aren’t out there (on 19) which make it different. “We’re under cover more here and protected from wind and weather, and it’s nicer and homier feeling. Being out of doors under tents is great too, but this is a nice way for people to shop and get in from out of the baking sun.” Of course it’s also a lot bigger too.


One thing I particularly enjoyed seeing was the Yvonne’s Cafe Pizza place, serving pizza by the slice place. A very welcome sight to a New Yorker with a long time pizza habit denied my daily fix. This alone makes it worth the trip since Pizza by the slice is almost impossible to find this close to Rt 41.

yvonnes-cafe-pizza-by-the-slice-just-the-way-it-should-be yvonnes-cafe-italian-american


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There’s also a live DJ in one of the buildings, DJ Paul K. “Music for all Occasions” to keep everyone happy with over half a million songs stored on 3000 Gigabytes (3 Terrabytes) of disk space. Wow! You can visit the Hernando Airport Farmers and Flea market on Facebook here.

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